December 18, 1996

New Electro-Voice DeltaMax(TM) Loudspeakers Light Up Amanda Marshall Tour

Buchanan, MI -- Fresh off a successful tour of Europe, Canadian artist Amanda Marshall made an appearance in her native land. Sound was provided by Sound Art of Winnipeg Manitoba which recently purchased a new Electro-Voice DeltaMax(TM) loudspeaker system. "We did extensive A/B/C/D tests with four major loudspeaker manufacturers before selecting the DeltaMax's," says Dave Cousins, owner of Sound Art. The new 48-box Sound Art system consists of new Electro-Voice DMS-1183 3-way systems with matching DMS-2181T dual-eighteen inch subwoofers. "All four competitor's systems were set up in the same room at the same time," Cousins continues. "In terms of bass response, the 1183 was the clear winner, which is amazing because it's next to the smallest of the group. Tonally, the 1183 was very pleasing to listen to, with smooth, transparent highs and very low distortion. Even at very high SPL's you can walk right up to them and they won't rip your head off. It was an easy choice, actually. These new boxes are smaller, lighter - they sound great and the fact that the three-way, mid/high box [DMS-1183] and the sub are identical in size and shape really helps with rigging flexibility and aesthetics."

The new Electro-Voice DeltaMax(TM) loudspeakers were first shown in prototype-form at the NSCA show in May, with production models unveiled at the AES show this past November. All DeltaMax(TM) models were redesigned for easier rigging, lighter weight, better sound and increased reliability. The new Electro-Voice DeltaMax(TM) line includes: the DMS-1122, a 12-inch, two-way, the DMS-1152, a 15-inch two-way, the DMS-2181, dual-eighteen-inch subwoofer and two new models, the DMS-1183, 18-inch three-way, and DMS-1181, single-eighteen-inch subwoofer. Each system can be controlled via a dedicated electronic controller. Additional models are soon to be released.

Electro-Voice is a division of EVI Audio 602 Cecil Street, Buchanan, MI 49107.

Sound Art can be reached at 204/253-9420, or visit their website at http://soundart.com

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